22 Jobs That Involve Golf

Many people love to golf and would golf everyday if they could. Then there are other people who love the game so much that not only do they want to golf as much as possible but they want to be surrounded by the game and all aspects of it. If this sounds like you, have you ever thought of employment in the golf industry? There are many types of jobs in this world of golf; perhaps some of them might interest you. Golf Pro Gives lessons, handles the pro shop, the clubs, and often the course. Caddy Carries the golf bag for the golfer and can advise on the obstacles and play of the course. Golf Cart Maintenance Maintains all the carts at a club, or works at an independent shop servicing all carts. High School Golf Coach Teaches golf as an after-school sport to high school-aged kids. Field Marshall or Ranger Travels around the course watching the pace of play and handles any issues that arise. Driving Range Owner or Worker This is one of many "support" businesses for golf. It can be independent of a golf course. Golf Apparel Store Sales position selling shoes and clothing that are golf-related. Golf Club Organization Anything from Director of Operations, Marketing, Promotions, Finance, and Sales to Food and Beverage and Catering. Course Maintenance and Landscaping Responsible for maintaining the grounds year round. Tour Organizer Or any aspect of a tour such as the PGA. Many full and part time positions including accountants, clerical support, sales, and officials. Miniature Golf or Putting Range Instill the love of golf in kids while they're still young. Real Estate Agent Specialize in the housing around golf courses and get clients who want to buy or sell within close proximity of a club. Golf Scholarships Work with established scholarship funds, handle the application process, link to continued education. Travel Planner Specialize in putting together golf travel packages for those looking to travel out of town to golf. Setting up Golf Websites Set up and maintain websites for individual clubs, tours, any type of sales, and any other websites golf-related. Broadcaster or Announcer Be employed as one of the TV or radio broadcasters on the tours or in any of the support positions. Instructor You can be a private instructor, teach a class at the local community college, or sell lessons online through an ecourse. Cart, Clubs, Ball Sales Work on commission by selling any of the necessary parts - the clubs, the shoes, the cart, the balls, etc. Golf Club Repair There are always clubs that need repairs so there will always be a need for those who can repair them. New Courses Be the designer, the planner, the capital-raiser, or fill any position associated with opening a new course. Golf Psychologist You can work on the mental aspect of the game with up-and-coming golfers or experienced golfers who've hit a rough spot. Rules Official Someone needs to know all the many rules of the golf, especially in tournament play. You could be that person. As you can see, there are many jobs within the industry that might be just what you're looking for to keep golf permanently in your life.


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